About Me

I am currently pursuing the Do-It-Yourself MFA, combined with the Go-Visit-Everyone-You-Know-in-North-America Grand Tour. For details of the journey, please see Route.


Some random facts: I am from Victoria, BC, Canada and consider Vancouver Island to be a strong contender for best place on earth. I feel grateful, always, to come from such a beautiful place and to feel so rooted in my home. I went to Princeton University, very unexpectedly, where I met many spectacular human beings. I taught art at the Kodaikanal International School in India, where I learned how to talk to four-year-olds, and also how to start a campfire in a forest soaked with rain. I worked with the San indigenous people in Botswana for two years and if you want to have the contest “How many different species of animal have you eaten?,” I will almost definitely win. I once drove from England to Mongolia. Most recently, I spent three years at the University of British Columbia, studying fish.

I am an evolutionary thinker and I like to make new friends.